Sunday, September 2, 2012

really, be Derek's new Anna!

you all remember this, right? :)
i mean, you all are still singing to this, aren't you? ;)
how do i know? cause i've been singing this ever since!!! :)

it's just soooo cute! it actually made me wonder how my high school
would have been if home internet connection was as easy peasy back then
as it is today. hmm? countless love letters, err, videos? ;)

that's the TVc. the original song is on YouTube which i bumped into
cause my lil brother's girl classmates shared it over on Facebook. ;)
and overly kilig i might say. so if you haven't seen it, indulge. ;)

and just when i was close to memorizing Derek's lovely song
for Anna, something happened!

this happened!!! *durogpuso*
i'm like whaaaaaat eeez wrong with yah girl?!!!
i can just imagine Derek's heartbreak. i kind of got worried too.
cause you know, i've a lil brother nga dba? so i was thinking are
girls today really this mean? saaaaaad! ;(

what's even sadder is seeing Derek's family get heartbroken too. :(

major, double, over-the-edge sad. :(
..until the last part of the revelation that is. turns out there'll be a new Anna. :)

and the new Anna could be you!
now trust me, if only i were younger i'd be Derek's new Anna.
but i'm not. so i guess you guys could be Derek's new Anna. :)
if you're as vintage as i am, then grab your lil sisters, cousins, your friends'
sisters and cousins, your kapitbahay, anyone, anybody!
please, like pretty pretty please. :) i just want Derek to move on. :)

all you lovely girls (12-16yrs old) need to do is log on to, upload a video and tell the world
why you should be Derek's new Anna
(hint: you can also sing him a song). the girl who makes Derek's
heart whole again gets to be in the next PLDT MyDSL commercial
and take home a Samsung Ultrabook. just how cool is that!

what else are you still doing reading this?
go, make your winning Anna video already! ;)

hey Derek, your new Anna's on her way, so smile big! =D


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