Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort experience

i'm sure a lot of you, like me, have been to Cebu more than just once.
no reasons needed to do so, the Queen City of the South
is simply beautiful! =) and each visit is none like any other. it is
always a new and wonderful experience. just as the case when i was
last there. :)

well, this last time is such a beautiful experience because of an entirely
new beautiful reason that is the Costabella Tropical Beach Resort. ♥

the sun was in its all-glorious state when we arrived that it was so
tempting to just jump into their enormous pool (which they have two, by the way).

our home for a very relaxing three-day stay.♥
we love the balcony so much. it's the ultimate hang-out anytime of the day. ;)

the food is superb! i am almost always rendered speechless,
they're so good they demand half of your wallet! ;)
the breakfast buffet,which usually is included in the accommodation,
offers all-good brekky goodness. i personally could not get enough of the
guava juice! and their tsokolate is to die for. Costabella prolly also serves one
of the best french toast in the south. :) oh, don't get me started with the egg
station! do you all know how eggs are sometimes heavenly?
you'll know, i promise! :)

Costabella is a secluded private resort in Mactan so if you're looking to spend
a night out, you might want to reconsider. but fret not, because Costabella
still provides a cozy lounging spot on the shore perfect for a few drinks
while your toes play in the sand, and you and your friends have a good laugh.

have i mentioned the beach? gah! it's a delightful sight! ♥

it was just our first step inside Costabella, and yet we knew we were coming back again. ♥


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