Saturday, February 23, 2013

PLDT myDSL's best commercial for me is...

of the four infamous PLDT myDSL tv commercials,
i'd have to say this one's my utimate, over, super, duper favorite! =D

it's the sad Derek-got-busted one. :) i know guys, i know.
you must all be in a bad frown wondering why i love the saddest of the bunch.
well, the simple reason is that it's the one closest to home. :)
it's what hit the bull's eye. it's my story, your story,
it's everybody's story!
it shouts that, really, the strongest connections are at home. :)

in this day and age where we all have virtual lives, young and old alike,
communication has taken a new face. :) it is so much more easier
reaching out to our families, friends and loved ones, to the whole world basically.
this is especially so when the internet connection is excellent.
and PLDT myDSL does just that! :)

take the Lorenzo family for instance. it must have been real hard
for Derek watching Anna's vid response making fun of him. :(

i think of my little brother and i know he'd be heartbroken.

but what's even harder, i think, is telling mom & dad.
but since PLDT myDSL provides family-sized connection and sharing
at home, the whole family's by Derek's side before he even had
time to go sulking. now that's some kick-ass internet connection! =)
everybody's cheering Derek up in no time, and that's because
no one had to wait to get connected. it's sharing and connection
for the whole fam, all the time, at the same time! :)
see folks? how can the Derek-got-busted commercial be not my fave?
it lives up to PLDT myDSL's credo of family-sized
connection and sharing at home. :)

how 'bout you guys? which one tickles your fancy?
i'm sure the first one with the Anna Banana song was everybody's lss for a while. ;)

maybe the sweet Aria, Derek's new Anna vid?

or the one with Booster? his is easily my runner-up! :)
talk about family-sized connection! plus, doggie's too cute! :)

i know!!! they're all cute and like me, y'all could not get enough of the Lorenzos. :)
so head on over to the PLDT myDSLAnna Banana YouTube Channel 
and subscribe to keep yourself updated on everybody's favorite family. :)

and so we can all be tight like the Lorenzos, get a PLDT myDSL connection now!

"Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong,
reliable, family-sized connection of myDSL. The strongest connections are at home, so visit
to get your family connected today!"

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