Wednesday, February 20, 2013

cover wars: February (local scene)

i have always loved the genius of Mega!
for me, it's really the fashion & lifestyle magazine with substance.
hindi puro sabaw. ;) kaya sobrang kilig 
when they came up with a Betty & Veronica cover for their
digital issue. of course, i'm still for the physical copy all the way, so
i'm not sure if i wish the cartoon cover is also the glossie's.
but at the end of the day, just so so happy about the 
Betty & Veronica cover. such a drool to look at! :)

Ruffa Gutierrez on the actual glossie.

Andi Eigenmann is eye candy on this month's Preview cover.
even the editorial is so yummy to the eyes!

gah! i love Status, and i love almost every cover they've come up with,
but i must say this one is way on top of my love, and drool, list!
mainly because it has Nicola Formichetti on it. ;)

if she is on the cover of the magazine, then the last spot here
is automatically taken! no questions asked, decision un-appealable.
haha! (i just hope the time when she and Pauline Prieto has covers
on the same month never happens.) ;)
i love Sarah Meier.
i shall need to make a different post to explain or tell you
why and how much and when it began, or whatever? ;)
plus! it's Rogue for whateves sake! i love Rogue!


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