Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blogAbook: Style by Lauren Conrad

the book was out in the middle of last year, but i only learned of this today when i was walking inside National Bookstore. now Lauren Conrad isn't exactly someone i'd make my style icon but i am posting this because i liked the book. i have no big bag of praises for the content but i think it's very relatable. you know those 'for dummies' books? i think this one follows the mold. (No offense meant.) her style (which i think may pass as what i call 'mannequin fashion') was captured in generosity of photos in semi-glossy book paper. she shares basic knowledge about everything from jeans to LBDs for girls who want to try a hand at being fashionable, or decent-looking at least, for the first time. even her fave online shopping sites were listed. so one thumb up. =)

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