Saturday, January 22, 2011

redhead, please?

i'm not sure LiLo's still donning this hair color.

 why Miley, you're a redhead! a wax replica guys.

 classic beauty Julia Roberts wearing an auburn crown. =)

 Becky, Becky, Becky! you're a saint in one of my worlds. ♥♥

you know when people say that there's always something good that comes out from a bad event? well, i've my own share of those moments. =)

when i had to go to rehab from overdose of 'love drug,' i met a fairy that is hair color for the first time. (okay, just so it's clear, i din't go to any rehab. stupid! although i might have needed to. hehe.;P)

you should know how hesitant i was to dye my hair. but whattheheck! i'm like "let's do this." =) so while trying to decide which color to get, i used a total of 30 or so minutes. and went boldly for auburn. =)

so after n numbers of bottles and washes now, i'd like to tell everyone i wanna be a redhead! yeeeeha!=)

a dyed redhead that is. =)

i still wasn't sure about auburn (which is these redhead hotties' hair color) until i saw Rebecca Bloomwood again. y'all know Becky, right? from Confessions of a Shopaholic? i totally fell in love with her hair!

so after that magical sit-down with her, i decided imna get auburn every time from now on. the darker, the better! redhead, puh-leaaaaase? =)

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