Monday, January 17, 2011

blogAvid: Terrified by Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi

i instantly loved the song the first time it came out. if i remember it right, i think i said it's because of the way the song was executed. it is so full of emotion. it almost felt like a real song. not some track from an album meant to make someone, in this case Katharine McPhee, a living. hihi. ;p and then after quite a time, i learned that her featured duet is, *drum roll*, Zachary Levi. the Chuck Bartowski man! THE geek! now, his performance isn't exactly standing ovation worthy, but surely it's a refreshing thing to see him sing. :)) yeah, refreshing! okay, can i just say that if i'm ever meant to end up with a geek, i would LOVE to end up with Zach, erm, Chuck? i think i'm mixing up things here already. seeesh! enjoy the cheese. ;] 


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