Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chuck Bass, errr, Ed Westwick!

i know the billboard ads are all over EDSA now,
and this post is relatively late, but hey!
its Chuck Bass, err, Ed Westwick y'guys!

i was still in my hiatus when he visited Manila for
the shoot. and i remember getting my regular
fix of juicy news from the broadsheets. i read an article
about how glad the Penshoppe big bosses are about
the success of their newest brand endorser. they knew
Ed Westwick is quite popular because of Gossip Girl
but they didn't expect the warm, scorching hot, welcome.♥

even the star did not expect he has such a huge fan base here
in Manila. he must have thought girls all go gaga over Nate or
Dan. tsktsk. he does not have a clue about what
cariño brutal is. ;D or how some 
Pinay hearts melt over it. ;)

loves, drool! ♥♥♥

PS: more photos on Penshoppe Facebook page. 


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