Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new york, new york!

this is a little late. it's Tuesday here in Manila today,
and Friday of last week was the day of yet another
historical event in the city that never sleeps. =)

it was a 33-29 state senate vote. just five minutes to midnight,
gay marriage was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo.
it was on PhilStar's World news section front page
on Sunday. i learned of it on Sunday too. kind of timely
since the Pride Parade was on that day. ♥

Gov. Cuomo & Speaker Christine Quinn received a hero's welcome
from the hooting crowd. i raped the world wide web for photos
of the parade, and got lucky bumping into some on
Twitter. *can't post any, of course. they aren't mine.*

they're so cuuuuuuute! you don't need anyone telling you it 
was a very joyous day. it's just so colorful! everything's
in rainbow. and of course, a surplus of flesh. ;P

students of Peyups have their own version of celebration
for this NY milestone inside the Diliman campus. everyone
painted their faces with the colors of rainbow.
and oooh, look at Oble, "proud and powerful."

this does not summarize my stand on this issue. and i'm not
planning on summarizing it. *hihi* i am just happy for everyone.
i mean, i can see how sincere their happiness is over
this triumph in their fight for equality. i don't know if
it's ever gonna happen here in PH, but i know plenty from the gay
lots and i love them to bits, and this is showing some
love back! ♥♥♥ =)

FTW New York. you just always prove why
you're THE city. =)

*all photos are from nydailynewsibtimes, and philstar.


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