Saturday, June 18, 2011

blogAvid: Oreo TVCs

tell me who does not find Oreo TVCs sooooper
doooper cutesy? you??? oh come on!
reeeaaaaalllllly? but anyhoo, boohoo, i am pretty sure
you are outnumbered. ha! the twist-lick-and-dunk strut
is just HAVEY! ♥ 

i'd live and die to tell my kids how cute their TVCs are. seriously.
i do not think the ads actually make you want to buy Oreo, & start
strutting the twist-link-and-dunk dance, but rather, it gives you
a feeling that you belong to an elite group
of millions, from all over the globe of course, who've had
their share of Oreo cutesy moments. 

this is a favorite! ♥
for the very short years we've had TV at our home of pawid
and straws (jk!), Oreo TVCs were all imported,
as is the product.

but AHOY...

this PINOY Oreo TVC came out, i think, late 2010 or early
this year. it features former PBA star Benjie Paras and his son. =)
it's just so nicey nice to fianlly have a Pinoy version
of the infamous Oreo ad. so, drool away. ♥


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