Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and then there was footnote

this is officially the birth of a new feature, the footnote!

this brainchild's been on the brew for a long time now and i've
finally thought out all the details of how i'm gonna do it so i'm
finally launching(?) it today. =) whooops! did i just make it
sound like it's something big? gah! don't get fooled! ;]

so i'll be posting snaps of my, and others', foot-&-shoe
scenes from everywhere and anytime. i'm still thinking though
if i'm gonna post looks i like from other sites. in the meantime, i've
set it to include photos i personally snapped of scenes i
personally saw. get it, get it? *smooches loves!
this ain't gonna do justice, but i want this to be the launching
(geez, i gotta stop saying that!) photo. this was taken by
my classmate J at a concert event in school. it was raining,
and the grass got all a lil muddy so she took a photo of our feet
and shoes being brave just so we can get a good spot. =]
now talk about hardworking shoes. ♥


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