Saturday, March 5, 2011

inspiration board

i always love my baths before i go out for a date-date
or a date with my friends. it's where all the magic for the
night's outfit happens. you see, in my mind i've already thought out
what to wear but only finalizes on that when i'm in the bath. haha.
i know! where am i going with this again? =) i'm going out
tonight and i wanna share the outfit's inspiration.

here's Lissa Kahayon spotted by stylebible wearing
a full floral skirt. hers is a little shorter than mine.

this gave a big chunk of inspiration because of the flower
design on the hem. mine has too, although it's cotton and not satin.
this is Isabela Fontana photographed by Peter Lindbergh
for Escada Spring2011 campaign.

i'm wearing a deep purple full skirt tonight. oh yes!
i've had the skirt for a very long time now, and i just hadn't
been wearing it often. will be pairing it with a plain white jersey shirt.
photos? will post after tonight's dinner. =)


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