Thursday, March 10, 2011

star girls' buzz at pfw

oooohh, you should already know why i just posted these photos. ;]
clue: PFW! i couldn't post yet the comprehensive and juicy story
behind these so lust over these photos in the meantime.♥
forgive me rats & frogs, just really have lots to do. =)
anyway, i visited my very sweet pal just to ask for
these photos, and i must thank them for obliging. hihi.
you should know by now why Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell
are fashion's star girls for all time. ♥

PS. i'm thinking of adding this to my life's bucketlist. hmm.
pose like this? whatcha think my loves? Steven Meisel?
yuhoo? or Sara Black? can you hear me? =]


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