Sunday, December 9, 2012

the Beach Hut Bar in Boracay

Beach Hut is everybody's go to face sunscreen when it's time for
frolicking under the sun, in the water, at the beach. :)
it's a travel staple! forget your favorite pair of swimsuit but
do not leave without your Beach Hut. (no, this is not a paid testimonial.)
but in case you DO forget, worry not 'cause the
Beach Hut is sitting pretty on the sands of Boracay waiting to
serve you. and now through refreshing smoothies too! :D

see me thumb-uppin' my strawberry mango surprise? ;) 

yes the smoothies come in this cool and lovely tumblers that
just brighten any day with its tangy color. :)

although they sell this sunscreen dudes in the same shack as the smoothies
are sold, do not fret because they don't share tumblers. heehee. :P
happy hour at the Beach Hut Bar. shots anyone?

all smiles after a refreshing smoothie. :)


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