Thursday, February 24, 2011

unglammy Valentine

 the Love Day tradition year3!♥
this time everybody's present. or not?
cause bestie's supposed to bring some
ONE ALREADY. hihi. ;)

okay, who's with me on this?
i've always thought of Valentines as a very glammy occasion.
i mean girls dress up, guys spend up. haha!=)
maybe it's all the candles, and quartet, and all the
love-making that happens after? ;)
all i know, it's not a day to pig out. right?

but we did! oh boy.=)

 off to Macapagal where palutuan is the thing.

 you've gotta buy the fish and meat, or whatever you wanna eat,
fresh/raw/uncooked, so here we stroll at the palengke.

 mr. Lobster is inviting.

 ha! who's in need of aphrodisiac? friendly oyster's ready. ;)

 i don't have to tell you it was fun, right? we all have plans for the 14th,
so we ate out Sunday the 13th. teehee.;)

the LBD i was wearing was screaming. it was telling me "i could've
just stayed in the dark recesses of the closet." haha! with
all these food, i feel for you dress.

 the drive home's all laughs talkin' bout showbiz chika until
i saw ex driving right beside us and there were more laughs!
fancy seeing you, or your shadow at least. =) Pogi's
lookin' blue. ooopsy, he's red pala.

Riri with G. ♥


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