Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bohol lovin'

i sorely want to go back to Bohol very soon! *sad*
these are photos from Mama's recent visit and i remembered that i don't have any more
photos of my last visit there because they all got corrupted. ugh! (also remembered
how pissed i was.) didn't get to go frolickin' under the sun on Panglao beaches the
last time so i'll make sure to do so on my next visit.

Bohol's got a special place in my heart cause it's where
i went to on my first plane ride. plus i think it's the only city i'd feel safe
to go vacationing alone. i kind of have a weird fear of remote
or exotic and small vacay spots because of the movie Hostel.
*sigh* oh Bohol, see you soon. i hope? heehee.

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