Wednesday, May 23, 2012

house sitting 101

my Auntie Lea asked me to house-sit her home for three
days and here's a few things that kept the boredom away.

owemgee!!! these little 'creatures' are just the best. ♥
contrast between the dark choco and the juicy inside
is to die for. i like to put in the freezer for a while so
it's a little hard on the outside, and woah, heaven in tiny pieces!

i so loooooove almonds!
well, a lot of nuts actually. so these choco coated ones
sure made my stay all worth the while. ;)

i have little cousins who love to read too, so they left me this
to read. which of course, i finished on the first day. ♥
it's for young readers and it's on the vampire hype still. :)
my cousin tells me that the movie version is already on its
way starring Lili Allen. ♥

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