Saturday, May 28, 2011

run Missus run

you're a real saver if you've heard of this. ;P
on the second thought, maybe not. hahaha! =D

anyhoo, frogs & rats get yer running gear ready
and head altogether to SMX for this year's biggest sale.
"The Great Luxe Sale 2011" is offering up 70% off on your
favorite luxe brands from make-up to clothing, from home decor
to almost everything.

oopsie, i hear some hearts skipping a beat or two already! ;P
run Missus run! oh, don't forget to bring a mesh bag
for your shopping loot. you gotta have one besides that
thick purse of dough babe. =)

by the way y'guys, where were you yday?
anyone able to drop by the Bloggers United event?
i heard it was really interactive as promised.
bloggers like Laureen UyCamille Co,
Kryz UyRosanna Aranaz, and others were in flesh
to give bloggers and fans alike a rare shopping experience.


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