Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the new The Old Spaghetti House menu

...or the menu at least. :)
this post is kind of late since they've launched their new menu
already a few months back. but that's okay because this isn't going to be
really comprehensive anyway. :) i just snapped a few things about the new menu that i love.

this postcard collage on the back cover of the menu is really lovely!
i like artsy stuff so the pretty layout is such a pleasing welcome for me. :)

 the messages on the postcard are really sweet too! :)

 i love TOSH! it's a warm, comforting joint for me.
it gives me kitchen-from-my-own-home feeling every time i visit. :)

 and they have this as their proud addition! :) whattatreat!

and the menu doubles as an envelope bag! just how cool is that! :)
it's what i really love about the new menu. it's gotten so slick! *wootwew*

come rain, come sun, please do not take away my love...
chicken picatta! ahhh, i run out of words each time. :)

and if some magic just happened right there,
and you're wondering why you suddenly have that urge to run to the
nearest TOSH, well, stop wondering and just run! and if you may,
run to these branches above so you can take advantage of the
TOSHMANIA Pasta All You Can Wave 4. =D


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