Thursday, August 9, 2012

cover wars: August (local scene)

which ones are your favorite? you can't like just one. ;D

the guys have a special mention this month. :)
i'm not so sure about having Sam Milby for an anniversary ish cover
but like i always say, there is a market for everything. ;)

if you ave read through my drool before, you'll know that i always
save the last spot on my cover wars post for my flave (that's fave + flavor) of the month. ;D
i have been wishing since forever for local glossies to start putting models
back on their covers. :/ echusera ba ko? it wouldn't hurt to have
showbiz celebrities on covers but can they not do it every month?
ang lungkot! sana may makarinig na fairy godmother. ;)
that's why i love Rogue this month.
i think Bea could have been more beautiful on the cover tho.
she has such a pretty face! :)

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