Saturday, August 25, 2012

AVA's Private Designer Sale

you all know AVA, right? :)
no? what? no? really? from what planet are you from?
well, AVA is the Philippine's first invitation-only shopping community
that offers hand-picked items from top designers.
and you also should know that this Sunday is special
because AVA is holding a Private Designer Sale at the
Rockwell Tent Ext., Plaza Garden, Rockwell Center. :)

here are a few beautiful things that await everyone on Sunday!
modern barongs by Louis Claparols.

arm candy by Aranaz.

 this lovely, lovely two-way skirt in scarf print by Joey Samson. *drooling*

 women's wear by Ivaluski Aseron.

you all can bring your men, or fathers, or brothers even,
coz Joey Samson's menswear is waiting for them. ;)
RSVP now and do tell your friends so they can be there too. :)
one's gotta spread the good news, right? so start spreading the news!
for more details, and drooling kits really, visit AVA's Facebook event page,
or follow AVA on Twitter now. see you there! :)
(all photos from AVA.)



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