Monday, August 20, 2012

i love/hate Facebook

for some reason, i always have a hard time breathing when i'm on Facebook. you can try to ask why and i can try to give an answer and fail. there is something about Facebook, which i cannot point my finger at obviously, that sets off a constraint that prevents my cardiac muscles to act the way they should as if i'm just watching TV or eating potatoes. maybe it's Facebook. but then maybe it's just me.

i avoid visiting Facebook as much as i can. and on rare occasions that i enjoy FB-ing, i do not
scroll endlessly through the News Feed (or the Home page). sometimes i do not go to
 the Home page at all. it bothers me. it bothers me that i feel this way. i mean how many
people out there feel the same way? there could be less than ten if there are.
everybody loves Facebook. everybody lives Facebook!

we dine, stroll, go on vacation, learn, play, cook, bake, visit, buy, sit on the bus
and be thinking Facebook statuses all the while. like how "should i caption this moment?"
or "oopsy, i haven't checked in yet, why the eff there is no wifi here?" or "let's take a
photo so i can post it on FB." and i'm sure that are people who think
FB even while they shit. there are many people who are thankful that there's
Facebook because it really does connect people.

so why do i feel not-good (i refuse to call it bad coz it's not)? i thought hard one time and
came up with a few theories as to why. one of my theories is that i am envious of some things
i see on the timeline.i know this is partly true in a 2/3 sense kind of partly.
because i am Facebook friends with people from
high school and elementary, it is natural for their 'bragging' posts to
show on the timeline, and i get that pinch each time.

another one of my theory says that there is a lot of audience-pleasing  happening on Facebook.
i know this because i'm guilty of this. when i post something i wish, at the farthest
back of my mind, that my post get a million likes and/or comments. but boy,
one can only wish modestly. it is not a contest for the globe's sake. it's annoying
to see posts that are obvy on targeting hundred likes.

i have a few more theories but i do not want to tell their boring stories anymore. good news
about this Facebook illness i have is i am doing all i can to get cured. ;D

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