Friday, August 17, 2012

Outbreak Manila: A Run for Your Life at the BGC

if there's one thing the zombies taught me, it's that i am far from being fit!

last July 28 (yeah, i'm late), zombies from around the metro
gathered at the Bonifacio Global City open grounds to bring
an apocalypse to some hundreds, or thousands, of scaredy cats
rehearsing to be brave wolves. =D

mr. & mrs. Cueva. :)

 Ri and i, as Super Twins. :)

before the race.

now i'm left speechless by this undead of a security guard.
he's the friendliest! he asked if we were tired and if we wanted a photo with him. ;D

i had plenty of hingal fits, so i'm more than glad to have not needed to utilize this dude. ;)

you should all know what happened to MJ. =P

 safe zone = water!!!

we survived. i survived!

Chris Redfield & Jack Krauser crossing paths.

it started raining right after we finished our race.

til next apocalypse. =P


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