Friday, August 31, 2012

Let’s Join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

i first met (ha! more like saw) Chef Lau on tv while he was showcasing
a mouth-watering cold concoction (nahulaan nyo ba kung ano?). ;)
since the tvc featured a hotshot chef, syempre i googled agad!

and i loved him since then. among all the reasons why, i admire most his
humility. many towns have many good chefs and it's just wonderful to know one who's not
only great but also kind. i love how he makes his delish creations available to people of
all walks of life. his restaurants are just places of love -- places where you
feel love and give love. :)

that's why i'd love to be invited to Chef Lau's dinner party!
i'd like to bring my mom to a lovely dinner
and a dinner party by THE Chef Lau is just perfect.
i know she'd be more than honored. and she so deserves the dinner
pampering. :) my Mama is very hardworking! kahit maingay, she always
goes out of her ways and means to be the best Mama that she is. :)

kaya i make sure i prepare food that's nakakawala-ng-pagod delicious
kind of way, as i'm always tasked to make dinner. a few months back, i remember
i noticed Mama skipped a few dinners and when asked, all she gives is this face...
we'd later learn that she's having her usual ngilo fit that normally involves
an assortment of pangs and stings. yes, maarteng ngipin! so instead
of devouring the kaawa-awang GG on the table, sleep na lang.

but like i  said, that's a few months back 'cause she now has a secret weapon!
yes, this dude Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief!
ever since i could remember, Mama would always try out all sort
of herbal this and that and what-nots to help her with this kaartehan of her teeth.
uhuh, we'd tease her of the kaartehan coz we kind of feel helpless for her.
i know she wants to eat, she needs to eat. kaya buti na lang
Colgate introduced the solution! :) bitbit na nya lagi yan! sa kikay kit daw nya.
secret weapon, i told you! :) to work, to anywhere she knows she might need it.

kahit siguro sa dinner party ni Chef Lau bitbit the secret weapon! =D

keepig my fingers, and my toes, crossed!
i shall meet you soon Chef Lau. :) and you shall meet my Mama,
and her secret weapon. ;) don't worry she won't have to sleep instead, pramis! :)

i guess Mama and i have to train so we can harness our devouring skill
and prolly add some 'class' to it for a dinner party by THE Chef Lau. :)
P.S. let's join Chef Lau's Dinner Party. ;)


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