Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the Spice Girls at the London Olympics closing ceremony

andaming naiyak! at di ako kasali dun kasi di ko napanood. ;)
so napaisip ako. kung napanood ko ba naiyak din ako?
i came up with a negative answer. ;P
don't hate, i love the Spice Girls, really. others just love them more.
maybe because i didn't have too much access to them back then that
i did not get a chance to become a super fan.
i sang, and danced i did, to all their songs though. =D

since i was away in deep slumber while everybody's waving flags
at this year's London Olympics closing ceremony,
i have the most wonderful time drooling the next day
over photos of all the happenings and not-so happenings.
like the girls' signature outfit update! :)

the Baby is now a lady! yes? ;)
it's still all Emma with the pink but boy those sleeves are gorge! :)

i may have missed many news on the Spice Girls back then
but i sure know who to associate with Union Jack. Ginger!
i gotta say it's a good update on the dress. ;P

i love Zuhair Murad, so i defffo love Scary Spice's gold ensemble. :)

mature it up! what the future brought forth for Sporty Spice. :)

momma Posh has to be the most kakakilig!. ;)
you know why, don't ask just so it'd come from me. =D
what can i say? what does one say really about
Victoria Beckham's style? :)

class is the name of the game. :)
with stylists' help or not, the girls all took their
signature style strut to a level higher than their heels. :)
i wonder what they sang and how many. :)

all photos from Fashionista.

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