Friday, August 24, 2012

Vanity Fair's Best Undressed List

i love Vanity Fair!
and although i would love to count the ways how i love thou,
i have a different business at hand at the moment. :)

while everyone (including me!) is going gaga over the big September issues,
others' eyes are solely set on Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List.
but as i don't want to over-indulge, i would like to set the rest of the world's eyes
to an equally drool-worth list from VF still, of course.

i would love to pose for a nude portrait!
that is if a photographer is suicidal enough to snap me in my birthday suit. ;D

nude portraits can be as classy as those with ladies, and gents, posing
while clad in their Sunday's best. good direction is what it takes.
it can either be an initiative from the model/subject, a direction from the photographer,
or a detailed instruction from a creative director.
Lindsay Lohan's photo above (the 1st one) is good example.
from all the photos in this list, hers comes very close to the top of faves.

now of course there has to be a Kate Moss portrait in the archives. ;)

i am speechless with this photo of Lady Gaga. since she's always
at her eccentric self, this is a breath of fresh air to my eyes.
she could not be more mainstream than this and i love it! :)

Gisele Bundchen almost-stripped and stripped photos are not really
rare so kudos to VF for choosing this photo for the list. it's not
too revealing but it's still got Bundchen magic! i wonder though,
the eye mask seems to be doing the magic here. ;)

there are photos of men of course! ;D
i'd like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely people at VF
for including this photo of Mark Wahlberg. :)
i love him like i love my coffee and iced tea! :)

 Jennifer Aniston is not the only one from the list with more than one photo,
but since i love her, i am sharing two photos of her here. ;)

if i ever find my suicidal photographer, here's a perfect inspiration.
i believe nude portraits could not get any more classy than this. :)
until then, i shall drool. :)


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