Friday, July 27, 2012

The September Issue Cover War: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, etc.

okay, so not only does September marks the -ber months
coming in but it also is the month of the biggest & thickest issues of
fashion magazines (more like books really).
and of course, yer missus here can hardly contain her drool! ;)

besides contesting to put the most influential people on their covers,
fashion mags aim to come out with the most number of ad pages
for their September issues. let's start the butchering. ;)

this is easily my favorite! already, yes. :)
it's still July, and i've got my fave already! :)
Gwen Stefani is just love, and so is Harper's Bazaar

Marie Claire's 5th reacord-breaking issue of the year! :)
and it has Miley Cyrus on the cover. :) yeah, i'm a closet Miley fan.
ssshhhhh. ;) i also hear Chanel RTW is doing ads in this ish for the first time.

Glamour may have lost a few ad pages this time, but i'm
sure it won't lose on sales. what, with Victoria Beckham on the cover?
no fail! sold, sold, sold! you had me at V. :)

Selena Gomez covers Teen Vogue September power issue. :)

very fitting! Jennifer Lopez for InStyle
is a match made in well, almost heaven. :)

with Katy Perry on the cover, well, this really may be the largest ish ever. :)

Vogue boasts that this is to be their biggest issue EVER!
don't they say that each time? ;P

now, notice how each cover features an artist?
no supermodels allowed, eh? hmmm.
i love September issues! they're what made me start my blogging
back in Sept 2010. even fashion magazines here
in the Philippines live up to the September pressure. :))
it's always a happy place for me! :D
and you can guess, i drool a lot around this month. :D

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