Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a royal affair at Bayleaf Intramuros

my two queen friends celebrated birthday at the Bayleaf Intramuros,
and it was a royal affair in royal hats! :)

the Facebook invite. :)

it's the calm before the storm. ;)
see how peaceful it was before we were all over the place? ;P

the queens! :)
Din, in red, and Rin, in black. :)

Rin's cake baked by her royal highness herself. :)

Din's cake baked by Rin too. :) the red shoe was a special request. :)

the night's other bida, bagnet!

best chicken lemongrass ever by 9 Spoons! :)

one of my life's staples, my sister and my bestie. :)

the queen's king. ;)

sisters. :)

with the birthday girls. :D

visit Bayleaf frograts, it's the latest coolest thing in Intramuros.
especially the skydeck. it is overlooking the famed golf course in Intramuros. :)

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