Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

i was visiting Patty Laurel's blog when I first bumped into
Mandaue Foam. :) yeah, bumped. as in nauntog! heehee. ;)
kidding. truth is i had to lean back on my chair like i've been bumped.
there was just so much gorgeousness in front of me.
wanna check? herepara mauntog ka din. ;)
the interior, based on Patty's photos of course, is really nice!

so without further do, i checked the website.
and more oh-la-la for me. :)
but hey, a girl's gotta have a top 3, and here they are!
drool with me, yes? :)

i absolutely love the Gregory bookcase! =D
as in pwede ng pakasalan sa sorang love! ;)
you see, i'm such an OC when it comes to housekeeping.
i am the type who'll put everything down when i feel/see that
it's makalat. kahit cheesecake pa ang ihain mo,
if i see kalat, ligpit muna. so basically, i get gaga over things that
support my ka-OChan. ;) lalo na  things that help me organize.
another confession? i'm a book whore! ;D so really, what better way
to keep'hoe happy but a savvy bookcase. what i really dig about this
bookcase is its unconventional design. :)

then there's this Marvin L-Shape sofa
i have always been in love with furniture pieces that are space savers
coz i grew up maximizing what little space our house has to offer. :)
this sofa is so sleek it can modernize and add class to any space.
come to home momma! ;)

the [drumroll] Caprice!
how aptly called. ;)
kaprisyosa lang ako  to have my beloved reads
beside me each night in bed. ;) pwede ding mag-imbak ng
cheesecake sa headboard! hmm, limitless choice. =D
talagang 'Your Home, Your Imagination.'
this'll make me come home early each and every day.
now come to think of it, they really live up to their credo.
'Come Home to Mandaue Foam.'

come home like this.

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