Monday, July 4, 2011

TRENDencies: cut-out shoes

this is the first post for a new tag on this blog. =)
as you can see, it's gonna be called TRENDencies.
you'll be able to find this on  the "read the LABEL" part on the sidebar.
hover and click on it to check out the latest trends in the
fashion world as liked by moi, of course. ☺♥

and first up are cut-out shoes. =D
i was loitering on polyvore when i found these gorgeous shoes.
naturally, i drooled for like forever. =P i already missed a class
today, and here i am writing. *hihi* hmm, i think i'll be excused.
or not? these has nothing to do with Rizal anyway. ;)

i'll shut up now and let you drool loves. =)

 cut-out shoes are supposed to have uhm, cut outs. =)
like those in photo #3. i don't know why, but that seems to be the only
pair that should fall under this category. but they're there,
and i love, love, love them!♥ most specially the 
Nicholas Kirkwood Court shoes in blue.=)
looks perfectly promising for Riri's wedding in Sept. ;)


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