Monday, July 4, 2011

covering july (across seas)

i'm doing the across seas edition first this month just
cause, uhm, i'm doing it first. *hihi* as you read on, you'll
notice that i posted only covers that are colorful. ♥
love! of course! since this is my droolville, and they're
what i've been drooling about lately. anything colorful, err,
bursting with colors!

 if only all girls grow up like Emma Watson does. *sigh*

 i've loved her since the Scarlet Letter, i mean Easy A. ;)


oooh, my love, Zoe Saldana. just watched the Losers last night.♥

 one more for her. :)

this month's runner up! ♥

wiiiiiiii! this just melted my heart in ecstasy!♥♥♥
oh yeah, happy summer indeed.
so much of an eye candy, i hyperventilate! =)


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