Wednesday, July 6, 2011

covering july (local scene)

picked just a few this month, kasi eto lang ang peg ko. ;P
ganda-gandahan lang ang lebelean! *hahahaha*

the others wouldn't even have made it to my droolville
if not for the little color on the cover. =)

 will be posting a special for momma Divine. ♥

 lovi poe.
she's totally everyone's favorite right now. flavor of the season, eh?

well, she is too!!! =) Pauline Prieto's been uber busy
bee these days with campaigns, editorials, and covers.
i wonder how quick she was able to make her portfolio
gorgeously thick with, what else, gorgeous-ity! ;)
so naturally, she's my July pick! yey! you won, uhm, the
last space! heart it, heart it? =P

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