Friday, June 1, 2012

official summer goodbye

it's been raining!
and the Philippine's first typhoon this year just visited.
so hello Ambo to some flooded areas in the Metro.
plus, classes in some schools start on Monday.
so goodbye summer it is!

of course, yours truly, missus X, isn't saying babooshky
to summer, my love without some kaboom. *wink*
this time, they come in gold! ♥

gold is coming back. yay!
this editorial is aptly titled Gold Dust featuring
Nadja Bender photographed by Alexander Neumann
exclusively for FashionGoneRogue.

sometimes i wish it's summer all year round.
but since the Philippines is a tropical country,
it's an impossibility if i want to live a day more.
heehee. so i just drool over lovely eds like this.
byebye summer, 'til next time!

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