Friday, February 3, 2012

baby sis' seaside birthday

it's baby sis' birthday!
where else would the princess want to celebrate her day?
why, at the one place where her minions of sea creatures
willingly have themselves served on a plate for her
highness' satisfaction of course!

so, off to the seaside!

we just finished day#2 of the Philippine Fashion Week 
S/S 2012 Show, so here we are at the palengke.
Bumubili ng isda, hipon, alimango in skyscaper heels
and maxi skirts in animal print.

 Loulou joined us for dinner. (more like Papito's proxy?)

 see all those seafood? OD!

 now who's the ate?

 i took this photo. oh, you could tell? heehee.

that's little bra goofing around after stuffing himself with
lotsa, and i mean lotsa, sinigang na salmon belly.

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