Friday, September 5, 2014

cover wars: September 2014 (across seas)

       I know it's late. But it's always never too late to waste time deciding which glossie cover lived up to September's sky-high expectations of glamorous and fashion forward covers. I must say, this roster did not disappoint at all. I could not be happier finding out that the count of celebrities on covers is less than the digits of my tired left hand. Salud to models claiming back what is rightfully theirs! (My opinion, calm down you.) So, shall we?

         Harper's Bazaar went for iconic. Not too giddy on the pink-clad lady but I could not argue on her being iconic. I wonder though, why Christy Turlington isn't on any one? Carine Roitfeld and her fishnets.

       This is prolly the only one from its family on my list. Wonder you not! We all need a little hot stuff all the time. Admit it.

       ChloMo's been wearing red lipstick since ages ago. But this September cover really is a coming out party. She's all grown up now. Our whole household's little girl crush is not letting anybody down.

       No September cover wars is complete without the Kate Moss. She landed plenty as always. But her Another gig is my favorite. It's minimalist, straightforward, yet very forward.
       These are my favorite of the bunch. Interview! Gah... Not one is a let-down. There are six of these but these three got me drooling the most. And since Amber Valletta's is enlarged, you get the clue, right? It's beautiful! 

       No Cara? No. Impossible. Today. It's her decade. I say. So yes, there has to be a Cara Vogue, and UK landed her on their cover.

  The glossie honchos decided this year that it's time to put them models back on their thrones. I think they were worried they could not stress enough their decision so they put multiples of them on their covers. Vogue Nippon booked the then supermodels. Vogue US got them it models of the now, calling Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss the instagirls. But Vogue Italia, since celebrating their 50th, put yes, 50 supers from then to now and in between. I am out of breath, so peruse somewhere else.


       It was a very difficult decision. I kid you not on matters like this. I love Wall Street Journal, but that love is on a different platform of my heart. So I was extra Monalisa-smiling when I saw WSJ magazine September cover. It's clean. It's a time machine too. But I cannot, by any means, tell you where it brought me. It's lovely place. It could not be not lovely with Daria Werbowy, right? (I just followed her on Instagram while typing that.)

       You don't understand! You cannot run around giving me facepalms on this. I love Freja, yes, but the cover's gorgeous! And it's by Inez & Vinoodh. I guess my glossie cover ego is craving for minimal these days. Less text and more piercing eyes, or big hair all over, I cannot say no. But if I may be honest, it's really just her arms. I got into a cloud of pseudo-rage when I saw her perfectly perfect arms.

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