Tuesday, May 20, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

i couldn't be more excited about this installment of the X-MEN. =)

i can't even count the days anymore, i have been waiting y'know.
at last, it's here. yay! =)

and just so i can sort of describe to you the feeling of excitement i have,
here's the official trailer of the movie.

future. past.

always very sensitive places to poke. right?
but we're talking X-MEN here. so question posed is
"what would you correct from your past to save the future?"

a lot, i think. but one thing i'd definitely correct from the past
is my bad habit of making rushed, stubborn decisions.
these are always the hardest to spot during,
but have the biggest impact on everything.
almost always never failing to change courses of events in
the biggest, sometimes ugliest, ways.

i know i'd have been in a better place today if
it weren't for those bad decisions.

unfortunately (or not?) for me, i'm not a mutant.
no way to correct, literally, the past to save today, or the future.
but mutant i can be, figuratively that is. ;)
i know that knowing what could be corrected in the past
is in itself already a huge step to salvation. ha! speak like a true X-MEN, eh?

but enough about my past, and future, for now.



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