Saturday, June 22, 2013

Isabelo Garden Restaurant

i have been meaning to post this but i hesitate every time 'cause
i got no decent photos but these lovely snaps of the interiors and exteriors (?).
if you can trust my word, i'm telling you Isabelo Garden Restaurant is THE place. :)

we were there for breakfast so it was a Rustic Mornings feast.
i absolutely loved the buttermilk pancakes! ♥ 
and the coffee? well, they aren't exactly my cup but they're so
relaxing to have especially when you're sitting in one of the verandas. :)

the restaurant is visually satisfying on top of being able to satiate any
hunger for good food in a good place with good company.
dinners are by reservation only, they're strict with this so no walk-ins.
but Rustic Mornings accepts walk-ins and most of the time,
guests are welcomed and greeted by ms. Portia herself, the owner.


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